This is Laurel. Her birthday is in August.

When they asked “Laurel” to pose for this picture, I’m sure that smile she gave betrayed her hope. Why else would they take my picture? They must be looking for my family! I know for a fact that hope starts to run thin near the finish line. There’s no family in sight. Not yet. And that’s a problem. Because Laurel  is  15, and that’s the worst age to be with no family in sight.

When I turned 16 I got my driver’s license, my first boyfriend and my first surprise party from my friends. It was the best year of my life. I looked forward to it with delight. Laurel thinks ahead to her 16th birthday with dread.

In her country upon her 16th birthday  two things happen: 1.) Laurel becomes no longer available for international adoption and 2.) she is placed in an  adult mental institution where she might be confined to a bed all day, everyday for the rest of her life  OR she will be out on the streets, forced to beg or her body to be used.

If you read this blog at all you don’t have to guess that Laurel has huge potential. You don’t have to wonder, “Will she be independent? Will she be mobile? Will she talk back to me like she knows everything?” Yes, of course. She has my daughter’s body, and my daughter’s mind… if it had been drug through years of living without a family to stimulate her.  She’ll need encouragement and family love. She’ll need to feel safe. She’ll need maybe a little more time with Mom than other kids before leaving to start her own life. But her life could be wonderful. Or it could end. In August.

I almost want to say Laurel has six months to live. And even though she’s not dying, it’s a true statement. Her life will end and hope will be gone in six months.

I learned today that a new $1,000 grant is available on top of anything raised through Reece’s Rainbow. My family is throwing in our fundraising efforts as well. If you are hesitating because you cannot afford an international adoption, then come up with another reason. We will help you. You’ve got us in your corner. Our son is in that  part of the world for crying out loud! Laurel has  us choked around the heart!  In fact, there’s a group we’re a part of  called Bring Hope to 12 in 2012 who have promised to throw huge fundraising efforts towards this child. She’s one of their 12, and will be the focus of interest for the entire month of February. Don’t worry about the money. We’ll get it. I know it.

Worry about the child. Is she yours? Right now only a family can save her. Just because she ages out of being eligible for adoption in, what, late  July?  does not mean she becomes an adult with any rights. We cannot send her a plane ticket and have her move in with us. (That was my hair-brain plan upon learning about her.) No, her fate is sealed. She needs rescue. Because of a terrible situation, a ridiculous system and some downright unintelligent rules she’ll be lost in a matter of months!

This is an emergency. Please share her link ( all over Facebook, Twitter and blogs. Share her story with the world. Help us find her family. I would consider this a personal favor to me. Thank you.

Time is running out.

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  1. Ann says:

    Oh, my heart is breaking for her. There’s great joy it all that you’re doing to help her though and I will gladly share and do my best to advocate for her too. Bless You!

  2. Colleen Cipolla says:

    How does one get more information on the adoption process of Laurel?

  3. Cindy says:

    Interested in more information about Laurel…

  4. Alexis says:

    Please go here ( to ask questions about Laurel. One thing I found out is that I don’t qualify to adopt her because I’m too young. An adoptive parent must be 15 years older than the child. In this case that would be a few months past 30 years old.

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