(The following pictures were taken from Flickr’s Creative Commons, a site which allows people to share their pictures and lives with others. Click on any picture to be taken to the original. Pictures used with permission.)


I call this picture montage, The Different Faces of Excitement.


Excited to go to her first concert.


Excited about the game.


Excited to graduate high school.


Excited to start her own garden.


Excited for a first trip to Disneyland.


Excited to go prom dress shopping!


Excited about her new job.


Excited about her first trip to the zoo.


Excited to get her picture taken. Because that means she might get a family.

And a family means getting to experience all the little exciting things in life outside of the four walls of  her institution.

Laurel has almost $5,000 towards her adoption. I know she’ll have another $1,000 at least before the month is through thanks to donors I’ve spoken with.

Please consider Laurel for your family.

Please donate to her adoption here. It needs to be twice as big as this and soon.

Laurel is 15 years old and is in an Eastern European country. She has six months to get adopted or she will age out of the system and be assigned to an adult institution for life with no hope and no future. Can you imagine adopting her? Can you imagine the light in her eyes when she tells her friends she has a Mom and Dad?  Can you imagine taking her to see a movie, or ride in a plane, or go to the zoo? Can you imagine her graduating from high school?

Her face will shine!


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