Matching grant!


I’m part of a group called Bring Hope to 12 in 2012.  Each month we are highlighting one orphan with arthrogryposis and then throwing all our fundraising efforts  toward them. For beautiful Laurel we  got an anonymous donor! (I LOVE those guys!) This donor will match dollar for dollar any gift no matter how small to Laurel’s adoption fund until either she reaches $6,500 in her grant fund OR until  the end of Leap Day, February 29th!

$1  becomes $2!

$10 becomes $20!!

$100 becomes $200!!!

And it starts TODAY (February 27th)!!!

Laurel’s donation page is here.

Right now she has $5,361.03. The Bring Hope to 12 in 2012 campaign offered to bring her up to $5,000. That goal was met!! Now we’re worried her donations will stop. Let’s do this! Let’s milk this donor for every penny! Please help us!

If you were ever going to give, please do so now! The donations are tax deductible. At the end of every day we’ll be adding up the gifts and matching them until we reach our goal of $6,500. Please give! Please share!

Many of you know about Laurel because I can’t stop hollering about her. I don’t qualify to adopt her because both my husband and I are a bit too young. At least one adopting parent would need to be 15 years older than Laurel who will be 16 in August. But I would love to have her with us! I know the potential there!

As you know Laurel doesn’t have much time! She’s facing life in a mental institution in her country just for being physically (not mentally) different. In case you missed it, that’s a life sentence! She has my beautiful, smart and sassy daughter’s exact condition and it affects her the same way! HUGE potential!

My friend, Tracey, has arthrogryposis that presents the same way as Laurel and Laelia too. Tracey writes about her experiences when she was 15 in a  post simply called Life at 15. She compares what Laurel is going through to her own experience. Great insight! Please read!

Thank you!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Yeah! I added a bit. Hope it helps!

  2. Kristin says:

    I hope a family finds her soon..

  3. Karen says:

    It just jumped up!!!! Yay!!!!

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