Donate to Laurel’s rescue fund!

We did it!!! We made it to $6,500! And a whole day early! Thanks to everyone who gave! (I so love pretty round numbers.)

But that’s not all folks! Because we achieved our goal a day early Anonymous Donor #2 has stepped forward!

So for the last day of February, and therefore the last day of Laurel’s month of awareness with Bring Hope to 12 in 2012, we have another anonymous donor to get her all the way to $7,000!

So donations are STILL matched dollar for dollar! Even though we reached our goal! We have a new goal! $7,000!!!

$1 becomes $2

$10 becomes $20

$50 becomes $100

Until midnight on February 29th OR until we reach $7,000!

To donate go here!

Side note: There’s another grant for people who commit to Laurel. It adds $2,000 above and beyond  the funds we raise for her.  It will be given to the first family who commits to her.  So if we do reach $7,000 we’ll have a cold hard $9,000 to offer that family.

If another donor wants to step forward and offer another $500 in matching funds we could make it a cold hard $10,000! Just email me at recordsky (at) gmail (dot) com!

Thank you!


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