After every surgery you should get a trip to Disneyland

So we promised Laelia a trip to Disneyland after this last surgery. Her school had a planned field trip to Sea World that she couldn’t attend so we took her to Disneyland on that day instead. It would be the last opportunity to go anywhere as a family before we fly back to Philly in a few days and come home to Charley’s kidney surgery on March 20th. But little did we know it would rain and be cold! And we couldn’t get casts wet! And the adventures were endless!

Yes that’s water we’re walking through.

Disneyland was pretty gorgeous in the rain, and mostly empty because of it. Here are the ticket booths.

We wrapped Laelia’s casts up in platic wrap.

A nice family saw us wrapping with our kitchen plastic wrap and offered us their plastic rain coat for Laelia! So nice!

She was THRILLED to meet Micky!

She was less thrilled to meet Jake (from Disney Channel we found out later).

The wheelchair car at the Little Mermaid ride was a PAIN for the cast members since we would disembark only to get right back in line.  No one else was waiting for the “handicap  car” so finally after getting back in line so many times they just let us ride endlessly without getting out. We went five more times. (Laelia’s parents were less than thrilled  about it. Laelia was over the moon!)

By the way if you ask a cast member Little Mermaid trivia, they do pretty well!

The girls. We’re cold.

It’s a Small World and it’s raining on us.

Waiting to see Crush.


Crush the Turtle spoke with Laelia! Her question was, “Can you take off your shell? Because that would be cool.” To which he responded that he had never tried. So  he then  attempted it three times to the laughs of the audience. Nope, sea turtles can neither take it off nor put their heads inside. When Crush asked her name she said it very clearly, “LAY lee uh.” He renamed her “Longboarding Laelia.” (I know medical professionals who have botched my child’s name. Then a computer generated turtle hit it right on the money!) He asked how old she was and she told him, “I’m four.” She was so mature about the whole thing! Other people in the audience were whispering how impressed they were. Then when it was over she gave this self-satisfied smile and said, “I talked with Crush and did my best not to be shy.” Awwwwwwwwwww!!!

Disneyland you are still magical.

If not freezing cold and rainy. ;)


3 Responses to “After every surgery you should get a trip to Disneyland”

  1. jessie says:

    I think this is twice that we’ve been there on the same day and not known it. It definitely was cold, but oh so fun!

  2. Anna says:

    Oh my goodness! She’s so cute!!!! I showed Kylie the pic with Jake, and she teared up. Jake is her boyfriend and now she want to come down today!! I’m glad yall had a great time this round. :)

  3. Linda Wesley says:

    I love her talking with Crush commentary! How precious that little girl is. (Though I think Laelia is not a very shy girl generally… haha!)

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