Art Show!

 Laelia submitted some paintings to the  Park Gallery  Abilities Art Show before we left for Philly. The Park Gallery is run by our friends, but the Abilities Art Show was run by Ms. Wheelchair San Diego and Princess on Wheels. Many talented people with disabilities showed off their stuff. Laelia could not attend because of these stinking AFOs, but she did contribute her recent art as well as her (slightly wrinkled) painting she did with Theresa at the AMC national conference last year.

Deciding what goes with yellow.

“This one is called  Penguin Gets a Party.

Someone viewing Laelia’s pieces at the show.

Picture from last year’s painting session.

First thing Laelia asked after seeing her certificate was, “Can I color it?!!”


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  1. Sarah says:

    She did enter one she did with her mouth! She’s so talented (you should see my attempts at Draw Something – yikes!)! I hope you DO let her color it and then frame it!

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