I just wanted to put this giveaway out there so that everyone could get a change to play. I blogged about it on Laelia’s brother’s blog here. Laelia’s arthrogryposis has put me in community with many other families affected by AMC. These dear people are as close as family. I care about them and want to support them. I haven’t known Laura long, but she became part of our group after adopting sweet little Landri who has arthrogryposis. As I’ve said before Landri’s parents can and do provide for their daughter. They can afford her special needs. They could even afford her adoption, but the attorneys fees and adoption agency fees were all triple what they were told they would be. ¬†They are a few thousand short and need it before the end of this month.

My family (and extended family) put our heads together and decided to do a giveaway for them. We are contributing all the prizes. Right now we’re fully funded for our adoption, but I remember all too clearly the panic and worry that accompanies not having all the financial barriers down.

Right now there is barely anyone participating in the giveaway so your chances at winning are pretty high. Please consider helping us by going here and donating $5. Go here to donate. The need is urgent.

The first prize is a $100 gift card to Apple.

The second prize is a handmade stained glass heart (~6×6).

The third prize is the ¬†sign language package: five children’s books from DawnSignPress, who is an American Sign Language publishing company.

The giveaway ends March 17th on Saint Patrick’s Day at noon. Winners will then be drawn and announced.

For every $5 you give to their adoption fund, your name will be entered into a drawing. If you leave them a little note after you donate saying you shared their link (This one –> on Facebook or Twitter or your blog then you get another chance at a drawing! (But you must first donate at least $5!)

Thanks so much if you can help. Even just $5 and a note to this family would help a ton. I know it did with us. Thank you.

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