Laelia’s morning routine

For the first time ever on the morning of March 31st I heard a knock on my bedroom door. I opened the door to the biggest grinning face. Laelia was super proud of herself. The night before instead of switching Laelia into her AFOs (the foot braces she wears at night), I forgot and left her in KAFOs (her leg braces for walking). She woke up, took off her own blanket, got out of bed by going off the edge on her tummy, side-stepped over to her crutches, put them on herself, walked to the door, turned on the light herself, opened the door herself then walked down the hall herself and knocked on my door.

Seeing Laelia upright when I wasn’t the one who put her in that position was a slight shock. Seeing she took initiative and did all that walking herself was priceless. I’ve never been a prouder mama.

A couple days later we did a video of this. It’s a little long because she wanted to show everything and wasn’t in any hurry as she was trying to avoid nap time. :) Enjoy! (If it doesn’t show up just click here.)

Also as of April 1st (this should be a joke but isn’t) ┬áLaelia has been completely potty trained. It took a long time for her to decide that she was too old for pull ups. This has been a long road for us. I asked a bunch of other AMC moms about this delay of an important milestone, but they all (with one exception for medical reasons) did not have the same problem. Great, it’s just my stubborn daughter who just wont do it. (It doesn’t help that she has MORE independence in Pull Ups than relying on grown ups to take her on and off the potty.) We actually thought there might be a nerve/bladder issue, but the doctor didn’t want to do the test for that until Laelia was five. But I think once she gained a bit more independence with walking then she wanted to do more independent things. I still have to put her on the toilet myself and she can’t wipe yet, but now at least she goes 100% in the potty. To celebrate we got her some Dora underwear from Costco. Now I have to convince her school to put her on the potty when she’s there. (That has been part of the problem.) But still we couldn’t be happier!

Yay for independence!

3 Responses to “Laelia’s morning routine”

  1. Kristin says:

    what a fantastic sight… most wonderful Laelia :).. Great job… Alexis my son Timmy is about to turn 4 and he still is working on potty training also.. It has been a lot of work.. He does really well when he has his underwear on, though we are a bit prone to accidents on occasion.. Anyway you have come so far little Miss.. way to go… :)

  2. Joann smith says:

    Congratulation Laelia! I am so proud of you! You are so patient and such a delight to watch! you have your patients creative imagination too.

  3. Melissa Rowe says:

    Way to go Laelia! Why won’t her school put her on the toilet? Is there a liability issue, are they afraid they’ll drop her in? ;) But in all seriousness, I’m sorry about that. It seems like a simple thing to help a kid out, it must be frustrating.

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