Laurel has a family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my goodness! Did you hear? Do you know?! I got the news and just started crying! A family has stepped forward and decided to adopt precious, deserving Laurel! If you remember I blogged about Laurel here  (and here  and here) and my heart was breaking for her. Laurel is 15 and turns the dreaded 16 in August. The crime of turning 16 would mean she would be permanently hidden from society in a mental institution with no hope of a family or love (because she would be no longer  eligible  for adoption) or she would be thrown to the street to maybe live a very shortened and miserable life. But now she will go to a mom and dad who love her! Oh I’m so happy I could burst!

Every night we pray for a few specific orphans. Laurel is at the top of the list. The day Laurel got a committed family I didn’t tell Laelia right away. During prayer time that night when Laelia was praying for the orphans that’s when I broke the news. (There’s nothing orthodox about our prayers so  interruptions  like this are common.) Laelia grinned so big!  “She gets a mommy and daddy just like my brother? Even though she’s big? Yay!!!” Laelia was so happy and we thanked God so much for setting this in motion for this precious girl.

Two other orphans on our short list are Victoria and Igor.



They are in the same country as Laurel and are living in an institution, although they are several years younger than Laurel. Right now (April 24th-April 30th, 2012) there is a giveaway going on for these two that I’m a part of. I would really like it to be a huge success so that families will know that we support these children and will be encouraged to adopt them. And then Victoria and Igor will get adopted and the whole community will rally behind them. Then they’ll grow and bloom in their new homes and become doctors or professors and one day when accepting the Nobel Peace Prize they’ll mention that it wouldn’t have been possible without a silly fundraiser/giveaway. ;) Would you help me? The prizes are pretty awesome. If nothing else look at the cool prizes and share this on your blogs or Facebook. The first prize (for Tea Collection clothes) shows a model who has arthrogryposis! I’m pretty excited about this. But the last prize really has my heart.  Go see!

Check out the giveaway here! Thank you so much!

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