Grandma Joy

Hi Grandma!

My name is Laelia. We’ve never met but I’m your grandkid!

 My name is pronounced LAY-Lee-Uh.  When mommy thought it up she showed it to her family to make sure it was  pronounceable. They all pronounced it fine. Little did we know that a litany of medical professionals would have trouble with it. Blame Grandpa, a.k.a. Mr. Can Pronounce Things.

Oh right, and I have arthrogryposis multiplex congenita. It’s the amyoplasia type. It doesn’t affect my vision. The glasses in my photo are daddy’s. But it does affect my ability to put them on. This was a triumph for me.

This is my daddy!

Yeah it’s the guy you picked out for mommy’s sister to marry. The guy you picked out for my mommy was never going to happen. Sorry Grandma. But your other daughter did marry that guy’s best friend. So you weren’t far off. My mommy threatens to be as embarrassing about boys as you were. I’m afraid.

But anyway, I wanted to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day!

I’ve been wishing all women a Happy Mother’s Day all weekend, including teenagers. So far no one at the mall has corrected me.

I went to Cubbies this year. I know you would have liked that since you were an AWANA leader for years and years. I may do Sparks next year, but next year they do racing games and I don’t know if that will be up my alley. But I enjoyed Cubbies very much so we’ll see!

Oh and my mommy wants you to know that all your Sparkies sang the song you taught them, hand-motions and all, a week after you went to Heaven at their AWANA awards ceremony.

I ask a million questions all the time, so eventually I figured out that you went to Heaven right after Mother’s Day on May 15th.

I found this out after I learned to walk.

I started really walking at four. One of the first things I did was walk right into the road. My mommy got really upset. That’s when I learned cars can hit people and then they go to Heaven, just like you did.

We talk about car and road safety a lot. This is my new car seat because I’m such a big girl. I take a lot of trips to a place called Philadelphia and this is easy to ride in and easy to carry!

Um… These are my balloons. It was very important that I show you my balloons. Very important. Here they are.

This is how I like my room. Mommy said it would look familiar to you. I do believe you told mommy to have a child just like her and this room is a result of that. ;) I pulled out all the books and puzzles and blankets myself! The very first time I did this my parents were so happy that I was so mobile! Now they are less thrilled.

This is my grandma Christina! You would have liked her a lot. Mommy told me how before you went to Heaven you told Grandpa to marry someone good. She makes birthday cake. So obviously Grandpa followed your instructions.

She’s holding Levi. He’s my only cousin. But you have more than two grandkids… you are going to have THREE!

This is my baby brother. We get to meet him in eight weeks. He’s not little like this anymore, but we don’t have another picture of him! He’ll be two in October. And I’ll be five in October! I’ve been promised a giant double birthday party. With cake.

Roland has two moms! One gave him life and the other will give him love and a home. It’s just like I have both you and Christina as grandmas! One to make me possible and the other to give me love and a family.

I’m a very happy kid. You’d like me.

Happy Mother’s Day, Grandma!

10 Responses to “Grandma Joy”

  1. Pamela Kles says:

    I can’t believe how cute this was!!! It made me cry!!! I love Laelie and her family!!! You are all great!!! <3 Keep up the good work(s)!!!
    Love Pamela

  2. Pamela Kles says:

    This was a wonderful tribute!!! I cried!!! You are my heros!!
    Love Pamela

  3. Anonymous says:

    So precious! Made me tear up! You’re absolutely amazing Laelia Sky and cute too! Love ya punkin’…..come see me at work some time. Ok?

  4. Carolyn Hemmerly-Campbell says:

    Too precious! Made me tear up! You are amazing Laelia Sky and cute too! Love ya punkin’….stop by and see me some time at work. Ok? Big hugs!!!!! xoxo

  5. jessie says:

    Stupid, stupid, stupid. Not the post, that was beautiful. But now I’m WAY to emotional to fall asleep and it’s past my bedtime. Very well done – your mom would be so proud.

  6. Angie says:

    Beautiful! Happy Mother’s Day to you and Happy Mother’s Day to your mama smiling down from Heaven.

  7. Maureen says:

    What a wonderful way to remember your mom, Lexi. Happy belated Mother’s Day! Beautifully written and great pictures.

  8. Melody says:

    Alexis, thanks for this tribute! I lost my mom when I was 11 so I can really appreciate this blog as coming from the heart. Many times I have thought, “Oh, Mom – these grandkids would’ve just thrilled you to pieces!” Having lost a daughter (also on May 15 – 3 years ago), this date echoes another loss in my heart, but it also reminds me of the joy (no pun intended) that God has in store for us all when we reunite in Heaven! Your mom was an amazing woman! And so are you – love to you on the day after Mother’s Day!!

  9. Kristin says:

    That was beautiful.. :)

  10. Jesyka says:

    Hi! I just wanted to drop by and let you know that I’ve been following your Laelia since my Laelia was born, over two years ago! When we chose her name I googled it and of course, this little blog and your touching story came up. I’ve also learned so much about Arthrogryposis! It’s been awesome watching her achieve small and big triumphs over time, and how exciting that you are adopting a son! I get a lump in my throat almost every time I visit…

    Anyway, I very much enjoy your writing style and the way you inject humor into tough situations; you seem like a great mom and Laelia and Roland are lucky to have you! And I’m sure you learned a lot from your own mom! :)

    P.S. We also have issues with people reading her name incorrectly. Mostly they read “Layla” first, because they feel like they *must* be reading “Laelia” wrong! ^_^;;

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