Laelia and Roland’s new room!

Grandma and Grandpa stayed with us this last week to help get things all nice and pretty for Laelia’s baby brother who is coming this summer. We talked about where to put him and decided to put him in Laelia’s room since he’s coming from an orphanage where he’s used to (and comforted by) sleeping with other kids. Once he’s ready we’ll move him to his own room. In the meantime Laelia has been super excited about having her baby brother in her room.

If you saw the last blog post you saw the state of Laelia’s room. We’ll call that the before picture. What you can’t see in that picture is that  buried  under all the stuff is a cute little girlie room with pink items everywhere. Laelia’s favorite color is red, which conveniently doubles as a “boy color.” So over the course of two days I got out a small can of red paint (a very unforgiving color when spilled) and went nuts. Slowly we went from pink to red. (Hoping to switch the maroon curtains with something either true red or neon green down the road.) And here are the results!

The crib is off to the far right. I painted all the dresser drawer knobs red. :)

Switched out the pink  baskets with red ones. I also painted the mirror edge and the top of the plastic bin. Red red red!

Roland’s crib. My first attempt at painting letters from stencils.

My dad installed a ceiling fan because this place gets REALLY hot. I made it red. :)

Here’s a video of her red room:

And here’s Laelia enjoying her new room! Awwww!

Laelia loves her new red room!

3 Responses to “Laelia and Roland’s new room!”

  1. Linda Record says:

    So, so cute! Love the alcove accommodations for Roland!

  2. Linda Wesley says:

    Amazing I love it!!! Is there a pull-out drawer under Laelie’s bed? You configured everything so beautifully.

  3. Kiersten says:

    Looks awesome! Can’t wait to see Roland in the crib!!

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