AMC friends

This week we got to hang out with some awesome AMCers… and one bunny. :)

Laelia and Luke.

We got to go to Luke’s grandma’s house and hang out and play! I’ve got to say I love this family! We had some great conversations and a very nice time! (And Sarah can babysit anytime she wants!) Luke is adorable and has made me completely baby crazy. :)

Then yesterday we drove up north for a party!

And here’s Easton, the Birthday Boy!

Here’s us and Elliot’s family hanging out on the grass.

He wouldn’t let her hold his hand, so she grabbed his sleeve and yelled, “I got him, Mama!”

Cool presents!

Buddies Teresa and Laelia share secrets. :)

A plane went over! Look how cute they are!

Elliot, Easton, Laelia and Mikaela  all have AMC!

Their favorite thing was when Angie stepped over them. :)

Laelia LOVED the bouncy house!

My daughter is a lizard with a deadly tongue. ;)

She did this the entire way back. :)

We so enjoy hanging out with our AMC family!

4 Responses to “AMC friends”

  1. Amber hall says:

    I love this Alexis!! Im so sad I couldn’t be at Easty’s 2nd birthday either but I’m really glad everyone had an awesome time! Love all of them!

  2. Linda Record says:

    What a WONDERFUL party! What I love best about these pics is how “normal” all the kids are. Those smiles and joy at playing are everything childhood is supposed to be. You’re all such cool moms. :) lr

  3. Linda Record says:

    Ooops! And cool dads, too!!!

  4. Kristin says:

    so glad you all had a great time.. looked like fun :)

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