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And now a word from the orthotist…

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

We had mailed Laelia’s KAFOs (leg braces) to Philly for an adjustment because of a lock that was releasing prematurely. Below is the follow up email from the orthotist (guy who makes the braces). His words are in quotes, copied and pasted from the email he sent me.

(Oh and we totally went to the beach today because we live in San Diego where you can’t walk ten feet without falling into the ocean. So also enjoy random pictures of my daughter on beach day… also known as Thursday.)

“Just to touch base with you about Laelia’s KAFO’s. Please look for them  in the mail this morning. They were mailed Fed-ex morning delivery.”


Robot Legs Lali

“The  braces were thoroughly inspected, the locks were dismantled and  inspected for wear and then reassembled.”


“I personally looked over each  joint and inspected the teeth of each gear.”

Fish girl!

“I did find lots of sand and  grit, perhaps from the beach or a sand box.”


“This grit mixed with the  lubrication in the joint and it did gum up the teeth a little, so it is  my assumption this is what caused a premature release on the locks while  standing.”


“Cleaning them with a solvent has resolved this problem. I must  caution you that when she plays in this type of environment to cover the  braces with sweat pants, nylon wind pants, or pajama bottoms to keep the  sand out.”

Keeper of the sand dragon!

What a fun day!


So… no idea what our orthotist is talking about.