Sorry I have been super busy and distracted with two kids at home and readjustments. I will update later, but thought I would post some videos in the meantime. Sorry this is all I have time for!

Click here to see the video of Roland leaving the orphanage for the VERY LAST TIME. Orphan no more!

Click here to see Laelia walking around the house WITHOUT HER CRUTCHES! (The noise Roland is making in the background is his “thinking” noise whenever he’s working something out in his head.)

Exciting times!

5 Responses to “Videos”

  1. Linda Record says:

    OMG! OMG! OMG! Wow! Wow! Wow! Go Laelia! Love the Roly wiggles, too.

  2. Elizabeth Gonzalez says:

    So so so happy and excited! I don’t see how you kept your composure walking out of the orphanage! Can’t wait to see your new bundle and visit with Miss Laelia!

  3. Kiersten says:

    LAELIA – WHOA! Look at you go!!!! You are doing awesome, big sister!! So proud of you! Wait until I show Ryan!
    And Roland – big kisses and hugs to you, little brother. Ryan can’t wait to meet you (me too!)

  4. Kristin says:

    So wonderful both videos.. So glad to see the smile as you walked out of there and way to go Laelia.. OMG so great :)… I have to say though Roland’s thinking noise is my 2 yr olds stinky noise… lol

  5. Danielle Cervantes Stephens says:

    So proud of you, Laelia!

    And now for a second t-shirt: “They said Rolland would never be adopted. And we walked out of there!” :)

    God is so very good!

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