Last Saturday was our Southern California Arthrogryposis Meet Up! It was at Angie and Rob’s new house and we had a blast. There was a bounce house which Roland LOVED, and Angie made Laelia a birthday cake for her fifth birthday which she LOVED. Plus we got to see so many friends!

Hanging out in the living room.

Liam, Ryan, Laelia and Roland.

He loved the bounce house! No fear!

They had a blast in there!

Roland and the ladies. ;)

Ryan (Laelia’s *cough* boyfriend) helping decorate her cake.

The first time the fan blew out the candles and we had to re-do. :)

These girls are so much alike. Marion and Laelia.

Roland and Jen spinning Laelia in the chair.

And here’s a video of Laelia and Jen spinning Rolly in the chair.

Ileana (who also has AMC) designed these shirts for the kids! You can order your own here.

Here are some cool black-and-white pictures from Rob’s camera:

From left to right: Laelia, me, Roland, Angie, Heston, Ileana, Elliot, Ryan and Marion.

Here are a couple of adorable pictures of not-so-shy Laelia with her little shy boyfriend, Ryan.

Click here for a video of Laelia chasing poor Ryan (who was walking without his KAFOs) down, hugging him, kissing him and then bossing him into following her to play in the other room! Oh my goodness!

We stayed late and it was close to a three hour drive home so obviously the kids were exhausted. Roland did okay on 2/3rds of the drive up, and he slept most of the way back. After playdates or a lot of stimulation, Roland often can’t sleep. He gave a little ┬áresistance when we got home, but his Ukrainian teddy helped put him to sleep. He did so well during this adventure that we’re debating whether or not we want to start doing more grand adventures with him. We’ll see! :)

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  1. Linda Wesley says:

    I wonder where Laelia got that from… hmmm…

    Ileana, I love the shirts!

    Thanks for all the pictures (and videos). It is so fun to see your little kiddos having such a grand time.

  2. Cheryl Schalk says:

    thanks for sharing, looks like everyone had a great time!

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