Carving. (Roland is banished to the high chair after repeated attempts to play with sharp knives.)

Laelia: “Mama, why is my pumpkin sick?”

Roland’s pumpkin in a diaper

The kids’ pumpkins greeting visitors.

“Laelia are you a good witch or evil witch?” asked almost everyone.

Laelia: “Evil.”


Witch Laelia’s black cat

“Come back here! You’re my cat!”

Summary of futile picture taking: “Roland come back here! Roland pose with your sister! Roland can you hold still? Where’s Roland?”

Norbert the Dragon in University Heights

Laelia’s reason for meeting dragon: “We can both fly. We should be friends.”

Right before meeting dragon: “Why is he so… big. *gulp*”

During meeting with dragon: “…”

After meeting dragon: “That’s my friend the dragon.”

Washing the orange out!

Washing the kitty paint off.

Roland is harder to bathe. :)

Laelia’s summary of the night: “Apparently I’m very cute and everybody seems to like me.”

Roland’s summary of the night: “Meooooooow!”

Happy Halloween!

3 Responses to “Halloween”

  1. Joann Smith says:

    They are both so adorable and everybody must love both of them! Their parents are extra special too. Thanking God for you and your beautiful family (who are also super smart).


  2. Anonymous says:

    I love seeing how happy Roland is! His smile is just precious!

  3. Beth says:

    I love seeing how happy Roland is. His smile is just precious!

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