Roland took his first steps! HE IS WALKING!!!

On November 15th, 2012 Roland took his first steps! I had the worst cold of my life and had lost my voice so all the cheering him on just came out air. :) Click here to see his very first ever steps!!!

And here’s a video of his longest walking stretch that day. He falls at the end, but after the initial fussing he was begging to get up and “wok” again. :) I just wanted to take more medicine and go to bed, but Rolly pleaded for me to do more walking with him. He couldn’t turn since his little make-shift walker lacked caster wheels so after he ran into something he’d whine for me to turn him around.

So proud of himself!

Love his little monkey tushy. :)

For weight we put a bag of quinoa in the seat that we drew a face on and called “Keenwah baby.”

Although he was falling a lot, Roland was taking more and more steps! But then two days before Thanksgiving he got a cast change which left him hurting and miserable. He couldn’t weight-bear, stand or even crawl. Poor guy has to have a new transition every two weeks as his body changes slightly through casting and he has to relearn how to do everything all over again.



But check out the progress we’re making! Less than a month left of upper body casts! Look how bendy those arms are!

*Someone* was happier about the trip to the hospital than the other one. She was great and helped Rolly all through the casting process.

Oh and speaking of Laelia, she walked the entire day. I forgot her wheelchair and her walking sticks, but instead of going back for them she begged to walk. She walked from the parking garage to the elevator to the hospital to the casting area to McDonalds and back to the parking garage. (Those who have been to Rady’s know what a huge distance that is!) And she did it all without walking sticks! Just held my hand for some of the rougher terrain. Incredible!

She wanted her hair done up before we left with the bows we won at the auction to bring Igor home from the orphanage. People would compliment her hair and she would say, “And my walking is great too!” :)

Two days after his casting change Roland was feeling much better and started to grab his “walker” and fuss at me to stand him up. Quinoa baby had broken through the material in the toy stroller so we had to make due with a ten pound weight attached to the bars. Eventually he was walking EVEN BETTER than before! Know what helped the most? We got him a walking coach. She works for cookies.

Click here for the video of him learning to walk with Laelia.

Click here for the video of him “racing” Laelia. I no longer hovered as he was no longer falling!

My babies both walk!!!

Take THAT arthrogryposis!

6 Responses to “Roland took his first steps! HE IS WALKING!!!”

  1. jessi spring says:

    This is the greatest news I have heard in my whole life! I am so proud to know you and your little miracles. You are the greatest mom ever!!!

  2. Ani Mahan says:

    Love Love Love this POST!!!!!! YAY ROLLY!!!

  3. Maureen says:

    Wow!! What an amazing thing to watch. We do serve an amazing God who knew just the right family to place Roland with. Keep on keeping on!

  4. Molly says:

    Woohoo Rolly! Loving the Quinoa baby, and great job to Laelia!!

  5. Melissa Rowe says:

    Okay, when you told me in person he was walking, it somehow didn’t register. I should have reacted like this: OMG! Yay go Roland!!!! <—– because that's how I feel looking at these pictures and video. Way to go kid! There is no stopping this guy. :D

  6. Lauren B says:

    Go ROLLY, GO! Kick walking’s butt!

    Also, Laelia’s bows are SOOOO cute on her.

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