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Laelia’s Song

Wednesday, December 26th, 2012

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Did I ever mention that a mere handful of days before I had to fly back to Ukraine that my friend Chelsea agreed to go with me (and pay her own way) so I wouldn’t have to go alone? Yep. And her band (Adams and Eves) had to move up their show to accommodate me stealing her. :)

So Charley and I went to the (rescheduled) show at the Riviera Supper Club. This was the last date we would have for a while.

While listening to one of their new songs Charley and I started looking at each other. Was Adam singing, “Laelie?” (Laelia’s nick name.) No he wasn’t. He was singing “lately.” But the rest of the song just sounded like it was about our daughter.

After the show we had to ask. Was that song about Laelia?

Yes it was!

{Fun fact: the elongated syllables during the chorus (ie. la-tely, s-lee-ping, a-bout) sound out Lae-li-a.}

For Christmas Adam got me the homemade single of Laelia’s Song. I got permission to put it on the blog.


It takes the tallest type of person
to crawl about my feet
and show me wonder
In the smallness around me

Freaking out so hard on the living room floor
and laughing afterwards
just crying out for more

Those days are over
but to me, you’ll always be
a twisted little heater
nuzzled up to my heartbeat… and my heart beats

It’s like taking your first two steps
at the ripe old age of three
It’s falling in love with everyone you meet
and seeing something in them they’ll never see

Lately I’ve been having trouble
Sleeping without waking woeful
About you and the pain that you’re in

With legs like little ladders you’re just bound to scale the walls
Of “No”s and “Nevers” that the experts built so tall
It’ll take a little time for me to figure which is bigger
your mouth, your mind or your heart
It makes the things I think are special 
about you feel a little trivial
when every single move you make 
is a miracle

Lately I’ve been having trouble
sleeping without waking joyful
About you and the shape that you’re in!

WE DID IT!!!!!!!

Monday, December 17th, 2012


We did it!

A week early!

We reached and surpassed our original $3,500 goal!

We reached our $4,000 goal!

And we used up both our matching grants!!!

Thank you so much!

So so so much!

Of course they still need a few thousand more.

Go here to donate towards the adoption of Laelia and Roland’s cousin!

And to reward you here is a picture of my kids cuddling in front of the Christmas tree while watching Curious George.





Saturday, December 15th, 2012

Roland Firsts

One of the most fun things about having a new baby is going through their firsts: first steps, first smile, first solid food. With an adopted kid, especially one adopted from a baby house in Eastern Europe where they’ve had very little stimulation, they can be so much more excited about firsts. While I’m typing this the kids are watching a cheesy movie about orphans at Christmas finding a family (Santa Paws… gag) and all the over-reactions in the movie to things like seeing a toy store for the first time are not too far off from Roland seeing a car for the first time, or a hippo. It’s fun!

So here is a short list of Roland’s firsts these last three weeks. In no particular order.

First trip to the beach

There’s his face!

He loved it so much he refused to go in his car seat so we could take him home.

“Sorry Mom, I don’t bend in the middle!”

First trip to Balboa Nights… yeah.

Leaving early.

The second we got into the car to leave.

First time at the Ukrainian cultural house

First time at the botanical gardens

First time seeing Grandma

First time seeing Grandpa

First (early because he’s spoiled) Christmas present

Here’s the video.

First time with giant bear

First time getting stepped on :)

First swing ride

First application to college

First walker! (Seriously, Grandpa just built this out of a toy stroller.)

First time walking on the tile.

First outside Christmas lights (for any of us)

First picnic (nap) at the bay

First time in a double stroller

An hour later

First time they ran out of cast colors we hadn’t done already so he got one of each.

And last but not least.

First time at a sit down restaurant. Aka the first time he met a lobster.


Christmas challenge!

Monday, December 10th, 2012


(Heh, that picture of Laelia never gets old. ;))

Laelia and Roland’s cousin made it to $1,000! Before the 12/12/12 deadline! Woohoo!!! Not only that, but their account now has $2,000! That’s over half way to our goal by the end of the month!

And that’s not all!

We have a Christmas challenge!

Some anonymous donors (different ones) have stepped forward to keep this thing going!

So starting tonight funds will once again CONTINUE TO BE MATCHED!!!

Every dollar will be matched until the account reaches $4,000 OR until 12/25/12.

That’s Christmas Day!!!

Go here to donate.

$1 will become $2!

$10 will become $20!

$100 will become $200!

$234 dollars will become $468 dollars!

And so on.

Every donation is matched within 24 hours and you can see your donation plus the matching donation directly on the donation page.

Please share with your friends!

We want to use this entire grant!

Thank you!

“All we want for Christmas is our cousin!”

Double your fun

Friday, December 7th, 2012

Laelia and Roland have been given a matching grant to get their cousin home!

(Art by Lauren Burke for those of you who asked. She does good work.)

For every cent you give “Cousin” Thompson pictured here, it will be doubled until 12/12/12 at 12:12pm (CA time) or until they reach $1,000!

So your $1 will double and become $2!

$10 will become $20!

$100 will become $200!

Go here to donate!

All donations are tax deductible and DOUBLED!

And of course all donations go directly to adopt a little  Congolese  boy who is coming out of poverty.

Did I mention that today is Laelia and Roland’s uncle’s birthday?

Let’s get him a fully-funded adoption for his birthday!

Please give! We don’t want to lose a cent of this grant!

Merry Christmas!

All we want for Christmas

Saturday, December 1st, 2012

Maybe you’ve noticed the new blog banner for the month of December?

Laelia and Roland keep getting asked what they want for Christmas. Laelia will shrug. She doesn’t want anything. Roland is surrounded by more toys and stuff and things than he’s ever seen in his little life, and usually only wants whatever his sister is playing with. :)  But when their aunt announced they would have a new cousin, Laelia was super excited and Roland got excited because Laelia was excited. That’s exactly what they would want for Christmas!

This cousin is coming from the Congo. From poverty. And the quicker they can fundraise, the quicker they can bring him home into a family who cares for him and an extended family who loves him already.

When we were fundraising for Roland’s adoption at this time last year we remember the mix of excitement and fear. What if we didn’t raise the funds? Our son was suffering every day we didn’t bring him home. I started praying that if we couldn’t get him fast enough that another family (maybe even one in his birth country!) adopt him quickly before he starved, suffered abuse or was transferred. It’s scary. Now my sister is in that position.

My dad (Roland’s grandpa) had an MG that he sold to help bring Roland home. He didn’t have much money lying around, but he had his car worth around $3,500. Well now that his other daughter is adopting… let’s just say we’re out of cars to sell.

So our fundraising goal is $3,500 for the month of December. Help the kids get their cousin home!

Go here to support them! It’s tax deductible and a great end of year donation to make.

Then, if you want, just email me or comment on this blog and let me know you helped get the kids their cousin for Christmas. I will read them every single message.

Merry Christmas!