All we want for Christmas

Maybe you’ve noticed the new blog banner for the month of December?

Laelia and Roland keep getting asked what they want for Christmas. Laelia will shrug. She doesn’t want anything. Roland is surrounded by more toys and stuff and things than he’s ever seen in his little life, and usually only wants whatever his sister is playing with. :) ┬áBut when their aunt announced they would have a new cousin, Laelia was super excited and Roland got excited because Laelia was excited. That’s exactly what they would want for Christmas!

This cousin is coming from the Congo. From poverty. And the quicker they can fundraise, the quicker they can bring him home into a family who cares for him and an extended family who loves him already.

When we were fundraising for Roland’s adoption at this time last year we remember the mix of excitement and fear. What if we didn’t raise the funds? Our son was suffering every day we didn’t bring him home. I started praying that if we couldn’t get him fast enough that another family (maybe even one in his birth country!) adopt him quickly before he starved, suffered abuse or was transferred. It’s scary. Now my sister is in that position.

My dad (Roland’s grandpa) had an MG that he sold to help bring Roland home. He didn’t have much money lying around, but he had his car worth around $3,500. Well now that his other daughter is adopting… let’s just say we’re out of cars to sell.

So our fundraising goal is $3,500 for the month of December. Help the kids get their cousin home!

Go here to support them! It’s tax deductible and a great end of year donation to make.

Then, if you want, just email me or comment on this blog and let me know you helped get the kids their cousin for Christmas. I will read them every single message.

Merry Christmas!

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  1. Molly says:

    That is such an excellent Laelia! I love the arms, they’re perfect! Who did that drawing for you?

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