Double your fun

Laelia and Roland have been given a matching grant to get their cousin home!

(Art by Lauren Burke for those of you who asked. She does good work.)

For every cent you give “Cousin” Thompson pictured here, it will be doubled until 12/12/12 at 12:12pm (CA time) or until they reach $1,000!

So your $1 will double and become $2!

$10 will become $20!

$100 will become $200!

Go here to donate!

All donations are tax deductible and DOUBLED!

And of course all donations go directly to adopt a little  Congolese  boy who is coming out of poverty.

Did I mention that today is Laelia and Roland’s uncle’s birthday?

Let’s get him a fully-funded adoption for his birthday!

Please give! We don’t want to lose a cent of this grant!

Merry Christmas!

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