Christmas challenge!


(Heh, that picture of Laelia never gets old. ;))

Laelia and Roland’s cousin made it to $1,000! Before the 12/12/12 deadline! Woohoo!!! Not only that, but their account now has $2,000! That’s over half way to our goal by the end of the month!

And that’s not all!

We have a Christmas challenge!

Some anonymous donors (different ones) have stepped forward to keep this thing going!

So starting tonight funds will once again CONTINUE TO BE MATCHED!!!

Every dollar will be matched until the account reaches $4,000 OR until 12/25/12.

That’s Christmas Day!!!

Go here to donate.

$1 will become $2!

$10 will become $20!

$100 will become $200!

$234 dollars will become $468 dollars!

And so on.

Every donation is matched within 24 hours and you can see your donation plus the matching donation directly on the donation page.

Please share with your friends!

We want to use this entire grant!

Thank you!

“All we want for Christmas is our cousin!”

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