Roland Firsts

One of the most fun things about having a new baby is going through their firsts: first steps, first smile, first solid food. With an adopted kid, especially one adopted from a baby house in Eastern Europe where they’ve had very little stimulation, they can be so much more excited about firsts. While I’m typing this the kids are watching a cheesy movie about orphans at Christmas finding a family (Santa Paws… gag) and all the over-reactions in the movie to things like seeing a toy store for the first time are not too far off from Roland seeing a car for the first time, or a hippo. It’s fun!

So here is a short list of Roland’s firsts these last three weeks. In no particular order.

First trip to the beach

There’s his face!

He loved it so much he refused to go in his car seat so we could take him home.

“Sorry Mom, I don’t bend in the middle!”

First trip to Balboa Nights… yeah.

Leaving early.

The second we got into the car to leave.

First time at the Ukrainian cultural house

First time at the botanical gardens

First time seeing Grandma

First time seeing Grandpa

First (early because he’s spoiled) Christmas present

Here’s theĀ video.

First time with giant bear

First time getting stepped on :)

First swing ride

First application to college

First walker! (Seriously, Grandpa just built this out of a toy stroller.)

First time walking on the tile.

First outside Christmas lights (for any of us)

First picnic (nap) at the bay

First time in a double stroller

An hour later

First time they ran out of cast colors we hadn’t done already so he got one of each.

And last but not least.

First time at a sit down restaurant. Aka the first time he met a lobster.


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  1. abby says:

    Love it!!!!!

  2. Linda Wesley says:

    You know your friends and family are total picture hogs. So this is great. =)

  3. Joann Smith says:

    You guys are awesome parents and so are your adorable children! a picture is worth a 1K words!

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