Laelia’s Song

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Did I ever mention that a mere handful of days before I had to fly back to Ukraine that my friend Chelsea agreed to go with me (and pay her own way) so I wouldn’t have to go alone? Yep. And her band (Adams and Eves) had to move up their show to accommodate me stealing her. :)

So Charley and I went to the (rescheduled) show at the Riviera Supper Club. This was the last date we would have for a while.

While listening to one of their new songs Charley and I started looking at each other. Was Adam singing, “Laelie?” (Laelia’s nick name.) No he wasn’t. He was singing “lately.” But the rest of the song just sounded like it was about our daughter.

After the show we had to ask. Was that song about Laelia?

Yes it was!

{Fun fact: the elongated syllables during the chorus (ie. la-tely, s-lee-ping, a-bout) sound out Lae-li-a.}

For Christmas Adam got me the homemade single of Laelia’s Song. I got permission to put it on the blog.


It takes the tallest type of person
to crawl about my feet
and show me wonder
In the smallness around me

Freaking out so hard on the living room floor
and laughing afterwards
just crying out for more

Those days are over
but to me, you’ll always be
a twisted little heater
nuzzled up to my heartbeat… and my heart beats

It’s like taking your first two steps
at the ripe old age of three
It’s falling in love with everyone you meet
and seeing something in them they’ll never see

Lately I’ve been having trouble
Sleeping without waking woeful
About you and the pain that you’re in

With legs like little ladders you’re just bound to scale the walls
Of “No”s and “Nevers” that the experts built so tall
It’ll take a little time for me to figure which is bigger
your mouth, your mind or your heart
It makes the things I think are special 
about you feel a little trivial
when every single move you make 
is a miracle

Lately I’ve been having trouble
sleeping without waking joyful
About you and the shape that you’re in!

4 Responses to “Laelia’s Song”

  1. Lori Panganiban says:

    That was soooo cute! I loved it!

  2. Maureen says:

    What special friends God has given you and your family! Love, love, love the song. The words capture Laelia so very well!

  3. Melissa Rowe says:

    That is a very very sweet song and cleverly written. It’s perfect. <3

  4. Molly says:

    I might be mildly obsessed with this song. It’s just so damn cute! and catchy!

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