New Stuff Grandpa Built

Many of you have seen the accessible light switches and door to the kids’ room that my dad built. (If not go here.) Laelia was able to get out of her room for the first time by herself using that simple contraption. Also one of the first great joys of my son’s post-orphanage life was being able to open and shut (and open and shut and open and shut) the bedroom door. When we were in Kiev he would shut the apartment door and then wait p.a.t.i.e.n.t.l.y for us to open it so he could swing it wide and then shut it again. Now he just does it all by himself all day long. :) He also loves the light switches and will turn the light off and on (and off and on) all the time… especially when his sissy is on the potty, taking a bath or brushing her teeth. Of course.

Well a few weeks ago Grandma and Grandpa came for another visit. This time besides some weather-proofing (what is this liquid stuff falling from the sky?!) Dad built a way for Laelia to enter the front door of our house! He had to figure out a way to keep the door in place using a gate latch. Then he drilled one of those shower bars to the door. Then he made a handrail (with another sturdy shower bar) for the one tiny step before that. I can’t tell you how nice it is to get Laelia out of the car and while I’m fighting with Roland’s carseat to just say, “Go in the house Laes!” and she does! Before I would use my necessarily beefy arms to hoist them both over the step and door jam. Now I don’t have to!!!




Click here for a video of how Laelia uses them.

Also we got a portable “hide-y ramp” as Laelia calls it. Because it hides the one step to get to the living room. But it’s completely removable too! Dad even found left over carpet in our garage to match! Now instead of Laelia walking across the entire house to get to the living room, she takes the short cut! And she has totally mastered walking up this slightly-steeper ramp perfectly!


No step here!


Ramp upended to show it’s removable.


And lastly he built a ramp going out the back. It’s just a simple one, but Laelia can do it herself!



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