Six months ago today.

This happened six months ago. Happy six months home, Roland!


3 Responses to “Six months ago today.”

  1. Kate says:

    Happy, HAPPY Day!!! You’ve all brought him MORE than half way around the world!!!

  2. Danielle Cervantes Stephens says:

    Happy semi-anniversary! :)

  3. Joann Smith says:

    Wow, that gave me “goose” bumps or as my friend calls them “God bumps”! How blessed are your children and they are a blessing to you, your family, friends and all who come to know them, including me even if I have never met them in person. I have watched all the videos (for some reason I can’t always comment on them like before) of how much Roland and Laelia have changed in the last 6 months and so much has happened since Laelia was born! May God bless you immeasurably more than I can ask or imagine. Thank you so much for sharing their stories…

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