Mama’s birthday

This Mama had a birthday. I now have as many years on me as Baskin Robbins has original flavors.

Hubby and I were going to go on a date this weekend to celebrate, but Laelia got sick. We made her a bed on the couch but accidentally left the controller (the way to turn on cartoons) on the table out of reach.


We found her in this position weakly saying, “help.”


Her daddy could not stop laughing at her.


She’s got the controller in her hand and is all happy again.

On the actual day of my birthday (Wednesday) both kids had physical therapy.

They decided to make a run for it.


Out the door.


Down the hall.


And I caught them at the drinking fountains. :)

Seriously, two walking children is the best birthday present ever.


We then did a little yard work in the ol’ weed hole. Still need to get the ones by the fence.


These are some of the thousands of rocks we have moved out of the front “yard”, but the kids still can’t walk on the uneven ground. We tried.

Wednesday night we celebrated by having dinner on the beach and watching the sun set.


They can walk on the uneven sand. (If that gives you an idea how bad my front yard is.)





Oh and I also had some blood work done (re-done) the next day and didn’t pass out like last time. Score!


So, um, the glamorous life of a mom. :)

Happy birthday to me. :)

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