Grafted Branch


My husband and I started a ministry for orphans called Grafted Branch. My husband made a pretty website for it too: So far we’ve had lots of help from our friends, including Lauren Burke who did the art. We designed this ministry to be picked up by our church so it’s got “Bible” and “Christian” all over it, although everyone can help orphans. If you’re interested you can sign up to be a prayer partner. In May we’ll be helping the little guy who we’ve been advocating for, Raymond.  I hope you can join us!

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  1. Shari says:


    My name is Shari and I read your blog when Laelia was first born and very little. I lost track of you and recently thought I would check on you to see how you were doing. Wow! Such great news on the adoption and how you choose to parent him is remarkable. I look forward to reading more (if you don’t mind) about your precious kids.



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