Laelia’s two friends are walking!

Remember in the last post I mentioned that two of Laelia’s little girl friends started walking at the end of May? Well now I have two videos to share! (If you are getting this message via email go straight to to see them.)

Elliot got osteotomy surgery back in December, right before Christmas. This is the same surgery Laelia got when she was three.

(Here’s an old blog post of Laelia’s new legs after osteotomy surgery was over.  You’ll recognize Sophie in this blog post. Hang on! Her walking video is coming up next!)

Elliot sees Dr. Deirdre Ryan locally here in Southern California. She is a professor of orthopedics at the L.A. Children’s Hospital. It turns out Roland doesn’t need this surgery, but if he did it’s nice to know there’s another trusted doctor besides ours who does this. And a local one! I love doctors who recognize that this presentation of AMC needs osteotomies at the hips (femurs) and NOT at the knees. (One doctor who said Laelia would never walk does these at the knees. Everything I’ve studied shows this is an inferior strategy and lowers the child’s chances of independent ambulation.) Elliot’s legs were spread wide before and now are so straight. It makes her look so much older and taller. At first she started standing independently. Then she started talking giant steps forward! The first time I watched this video I cried. It doesn’t help that her daddy is a video editor and captures this beautifully.


05.23.13 from rob ashe on Vimeo.

We met Sophie in Philadelphia. She and Laelia both see the famous AMC doctor: Dr. van Bosse. (Maybe you’ve heard of him from my 12 million mentions on this blog.) When five pediatric orthopedic bigwigs from San Diego to Seattle told us that Laelia would never walk, we finally applied for free flights and did a medical trip across the country to see the expert surgeon. Now Laelia walks everywhere, and it’s her preferred way of travel. Sophie was a Reece’s Rainbow baby like Roland and was adopted from the same country as Roland. Sophie has a few things in common with Laelia. They both have a severe type of amyoplasia that have baffled inexperienced doctors. They both have brothers with AMC through adoption who started walking earlier and easier than they did. They both have to fly to see their orthopedic doctor. They are both little talkative goofballs.

Sophie was an older child adoption (meaning she was older than 3) and had never had medical care for her AMC until her parents brought her home. Sophie and Laelia started treatment in Philly around the same time, but Sophie required external fixators to get her knee contractures straightened out. Laelia had the benefit of knee stretches and OT/PT for the first several years of her life and got by with 8 plate knee surgery, a much much much tamer surgery. So the fact that Sophie’s legs are beautiful and straight, and that she can walk both using a walker and without one, shows how hard she’s worked and how amazing she is. (Oh and even though I’m known as “Laelia and Roland’s mom” my first name is actually Alexis so this video is even more special since Sophie showed off her skills just for me. ;))




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