The best gift to an adopting family: baby pictures


Roland’s only baby picture

By the time Laelia was 2 years old we had exactly 247 billion pictures of her. It’s weird to have so many baby pictures of one child and only one single baby picture of your other child. But today my friend Carissa found not only nine pictures of our son, but a video!!! He looks to be probably 1 year old. We literally just saw these for the first time today! We’ve watched the video over and over. My husband got really emotional too. (And it’s pretty hokey.) We joke that of course it’s in slow motion because our son does NOT sit still long ¬†enough for a calm video. ;) First, here are the pictures. (That suit!!! Little teefies in his mouth! That pout! He’s so little!!!)

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And little¬†Yehorchyk’s video (the cooing slays me!!!):


Here’s him now with his new stretching elbow splint (and tennis ball added by Uncle Phong so Rolly wouldn’t damage more furniture):


I’m all grow’d up now.


In other news our friends, the Ashes, are adopting a little girl with special needs from China!



These are friends we knew before either one of us were in the adoption process or even talking publicly about it. You remember Elliot from the blog post before last? She’s the one walking for the first time. Well she’s getting a sister! Go here to learn more and maybe even donate a little something. Laelia has already said she will be donating her tooth fairy money as soon as her tooth comes out. :)

Speaking of teeth I took both kids to the dentist today. Both had great teeth! Roland was not happy getting his teeth cleaned… it took three adults to do it. He also just about destroyed the entire office before that with a rampage of happy screaming and touching stuff and throwing things while Laelia was being seen. Laelia, who has previously been terrified of the dentist, behaved perfectly. She followed all instructions even when she was so scared she was shaking. (She was only scared of the suction devise though.) Afterwards she showed off her princess teeth. And Laelia has her first permanent tooth growing in behind her first wiggly tooth! I was informed that the tooth fairy’s new rates are $1.25, a national average. (Laelia thinks that’s like a million monies.) She’s wiggling it daily so she can donate her monies to Elliot’s sister’s adoption.

Here are both kids posing with their new Congo shirts, helping another friend get adopted. (This friend is in the same orphanage as my nephew/the kids’ cousin.) Notice Laelia’s new haircut that she picked out herself. Every time the lady cut her bangs Laelia would demand, “Shorter. No more hair in my face… I use my face for everything.” ;)


Now that we’re back from the three hours at the dentist I’m going to go lie down for ten years. Excuse me. ;)




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