AMC Mini Meet Up and Day Before Surgery


Face painting by Madison


Laelia, Roland and their friends


AMC only picture




Big accessible playground and Rolly just wants the toy cars


Willow was yelling at him, it was adorable

Well I thought I had a bunch more pictures, but I don’t. Anyone with pictures send them my way and I’ll probably get them next week! We had a lot of fun and the kids really enjoy seeing other people like them. They do not, however, enjoy the five hours in the car. Laelia was good, Roland was a crazy screaming monkey pants. He especially hated when I sang along with the radio. :) I told him I feed on his displeasure. Yummy yum yum yummy yum.

Roland for the first solid 30 minutes in the car: “Mama doing? Doing Mama? Mama? Mama doing? Doing? Doing?”

Roland after 30 minutes in a car: “No Mama! Noooooo! Noooooooo! No Mama! NO!”

Me: “What do you want Roland?”

Roland: “Out.”

When we had the ocean in view I said to my husband, “The ocean, she calls to me.”
He replied: “If the ocean is saying, ‘Mama doing? Mama doing?’ I’m hearing it too, and I don’t think that’s the ocean.”

Oh and another funny story. While we were out I asked my dad to plant this one tree out of the ten trees in the front. There was this pipe in the way so I hadn’t gotten around to breaking up the pipe. It was old, was only six inches under the soil so it wasn’t important. And it already had holes in it so it hadn’t obviously been used for a while. Well guess what. Yep, he broke right through that pipe. (Yay!) Which had cables in it. (Uh oh.) Which took out all the cable and Internet access for us and our neighbors. (Boo.) A guy from Time Warner came out (today, Sunday, a few hours after the incident) to figure out what the heck happened. Dad handed him the pipe and asked, “This one yours?” Yep. So they dug up the pipe and put a temp fix on it.


So my tree still isn’t planted and they may have to rip through the rest of my trees to bury the cables deeper. Ugh. We saved up forever to buy these darn trees and it took tons of work to level that area with a shovel and plant them. They are the only plants I haven’t killed too. It makes me want to cry. Save the trees! No Internet for anyone! :)


Oh and we have great news! Yesterday Grandpa installed a new toilet that is several inches lower than a normal toilet and a bidet for it too! Now Laelia can get on the toilet ALL BY HERSELF!!! For the first time in her life. And that bidet makes her laugh hysterically every time. :)

 IMG_3526 IMG_3527

The blue and pink thing is six phone books duct taped together. The adaptive PE teacher made that for her. She can get on the toilet herself only when using that to step up.

Seriously she learned this trick two days before I have a surgery where I won’t be able to lift her onto the potty for weeks. Her timing is not my timing, but I’m so thankful she did it. And this will really help me care for her after I recover a bit.


And Grandpa is also building a ramp to get to the garage. It will get done after I go to the hospital so my only picture is of boards lying around. This is the last space in our home that’s not accessible. I don’t know what the kids would do in the garage, but now they’ll be able to get to it. Maybe I’ll make them sweep it. :)

Well I just drank an entire bottle of laxative. So I need to… um… go… now.


Surgery tomorrow!

I’m ready!

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  1. Danielle says:

    There were several items here that cracked me up. Love your writing — and topic matter, of course! :)


  2. Bobbie says:

    Hello! I just saw your article on Yahoo News – awesome! As I was reading, I saw arthrogryposis and I thought, hmmm, that is interesting, there are lots of kids on Reece’s Rainbow with that. Then I kept reading and saw “adoption” and “Ukraine” and I had to hurry up and search on RR! And there you guys were! Double awesome :) Anyhow, just wanted to say hi, and thanks for donating! Bobbie (adopted “Robert” in 2011)

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