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On the radio

Sunday, January 26th, 2014

The first time I was ever on the radio was in South Africa. I was one of a group of visiting Americans and we were on a tour of the station when we got roped into going on the air. It was fun… up until they had me do a birthday shout out/song dedication. The name was an Afrikaans name and I botched it big time. The radio host tried to correct me and I failed a bunch more times. I’m bad with accents. Like really bad. I once was asked to be the sign language interpreter for one of the original Jamaican bob sled team guys who inspired the movie “Cool Runnings.” I had to switch out after the first five minutes because of my brain’s inability to understand his accent. (And he spoke perfect English.) (Ugh.) Now this time there was no accent but I’m still just awkward.

My favorite character from Parks and Rec, Ben Wyatt, has the same awkward issue when giving an interview. Solidarity Ben.

That said, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to talk about kidney donation on the radio! Charles was at work or he would have also added his unique and well-spoken voice to the discussion. I’ve been quoted on the radio before (even mocked by a local San Diego station) over kidney donation, but never had a 20 minute interview. The segment actually covered adoption, arthrogryposis and other topics too, some questions I was no where near prepared for. And besides a few things that I said and then immediately cringed over, I was happy to promote awareness of things I care deeply for!

So I want to thank the Jay Thomas show for having me on during Monday evening rush hour! It was fun.

Here’s the link: Radio Interview.

PS: When asked if I believed Russ*a should reopen it’s adoption program I would like to write out a better response. I’m much much better writing something out than speaking on the fly. So here’s my better answer:

“Do I believe that Russ*a’s little children, little humans, should be adopted into loving homes and out of the institutions? Yes, absolutely yes. Simply because they are entirely valuable and deserve love. The other question about if this should take place even though *some* Russ*an mothers drink during pregnancy and *some* children have FAS– still yes. I don’t believe any unprepared parent, like in the example, should have to deal with something they are not prepared for, but I also know adoptive parents who choose kids with FAS and who are overjoyed by them. (In fact I have permission to connect you with a parent who parents multiple children with FAS and would give you an idea if that is for you. She rocks this kind of parenting, by the way, and her kids are awesome sauce.)

For those adoptive parents ready and willing to step up, please open the gates. Please let adoption continue in this country. Because we will empty our pockets, crawl through barbed wire, trip over bodies lying around us and chew glass to get to our children. Let us have them.” 

There, I feel better. I believe I mentioned something about Putin with his shirt off instead of the above. Again, solidarity Ben!!!