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Arm Surgery

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014


Here we go again!

Yes we just had surgery six weeks ago. Yes this was completely unexpected. Yes this is Laelia’s first (and last) arm surgery! And yes it is a doozie!

Two expert surgeons. Both arms. Rotational osteotomies. Six weeks recovery. Laelia won’t be able to use her arms for a over a month. Laelia won’t be able to walk because she’s prone to falls and one fall could ruin the fragile bone healing.

I’m finally getting, for all intents and purposes, the quadriplegic child the doctors told me I’d have. But only for six weeks.

So why did we decide to replace most of Laelia’s arm tissue with robotics?

Well this will help her to feed herself better, hold a ball better and clap by hitting her palms together as opposed to the back of her hands.

Why robotics?

With amyoplastic arms there is clearly a lack of muscle and tendon and nerve endings. And obviously with arthrogryposis there is extra joint tissue.

Adding metal to those areas adds a bit of weight, but adds a ton of range of motion.

She already is able to supinate her arm. Now she’ll be able to easily (if passively) rotate them too!

Here’s the concept art.


Obviously she’ll look different.


And here’s Laelia after surgery!
Ta da!



Laelia standing tall with her new arms!


Laelia trying on different arms post surgery.


All I have is MS Paint, so I was pretty proud of this one. :)


And just for fun. :)


Hahaha!!! (Laelia is standing here saying, “Hey, Roland looks different! Those aren’t my feet! What’s going on!”)

Happy April Fools!!!

(If you’re reading this on April 1st we’re probably still in real surgery getting the rotational osteotomies. No robotics involved. Surgery on April 1st, what a joke! I told them no one would believe me. :))