What’s one more?

I haven’t been blogging a ton lately, and many of you know why. We have a third child with arthrogryposis in the house these days thanks to the foster care system. And while I’d love to take a million pictures of this sweet child’s face and tell you the amazing (unplanned) story of how she became a cuddly and loud and goofy and precious part of our family, unfortunately I’m prevented by privacy rules as she’s still a ward of the state. Going from one child with AMC to two had it’s difficulties, but going from two to three has been another story entirely. I have no free time anymore thanks to a casting and splinting schedule that has tripled. My blog has grown cobwebs. I forget what my husband looks like. And going grocery shopping or to Miracle League or to events involves a lot more logistics now.

And guys, we got a minivan. This just got real.

But it’s worth it! Love these kids! They are all so smart! And stinkers! Ohhhhhh I have stories. :)


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