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The gift of independent standing

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

Laelia has been standing without assistance (using only her leg braces) since Saturday night. Since then I’ve taken pictures, marveled, took her to PT to hear her physical therapist squeal, and thanked God a ton. It’s been great!

But since this is all so new the implications of this new ability didn’t sink in right away. Last night they did.

The surgical site on Laelia’s left leg has a red mark on it so we took her to Rapid Care a few weeks ago and they said it was fine. But the right side is completely healed and the left side is still oozing and bright red so I dragged her to her pediatrician’s office last night. Long story short, it’s still fine. No infection. That’s not the point of the story. Here’s the point: When you take your child to the pediatrician they have to weigh them.

Laelia has had to use the infant scale at the doctor’s office her whole life. She’s terribly outgrown it as you can imagine and she’s at the age where it’s embarrassing to use. Even though she has been able to stand while leaning over something for a while, you can’t do that with a scale! You can’t even hold Mommy’s hand! You have to stand all by yourself without a walker or bar or  crutches or anything.

So last night for the first time in her life, Laelia stood on a scale. By herself.

It’s such a little thing, but I’m blubbering over here. My baby can stand! *sobs*

Being awesome

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

Walking in a walker!

Rolling on a ball!

Beating us at cards.

She knows how to play Go Fish and Uno now!

Spelling her own name and writing it herself!

Playing the “geetar” on her shirt while Davie plays the real one.

Sad party! Laelia evokes all sorts of emotions in the menfolk. :)

Spying on the adults. :)

Reaching her face!

Did I mention that one doctor said that she would never reach her own face?

Hey doctor!  You think that shell got on her nose by magic?!

Mommy even cuts up her sandwiches. Life is good. :)

Disneyland after every surgery

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

DISNEYLAND!!! Oh boy oh boy oh boy!

Hanging out with Ileana!

Ileana gave Lali this little tiara. :)

Being a goof. :)

Next in line. “I have my feather! Ready to fly now!”

Too short. ;)

Trying on  her glasses for the new Star Wars ride, but she  wasn’t tall enough (by three inches). So her nice parents went without her (taking turns). :) Mama ended up being the Rebel Spy! :-D

That hand over the face (meaning she doesn’t want anything else to eat) was hard to do! She’s having to claw her own face to keep it on there. Funny thing.

It was training day at Disneyland. Handwritten note at top says, “It’s OK. Trust me.” (To let Laelia go through the back of a line without a power chair.)

Lali and Daddy. Awwwwwww.


The kid is alright

Saturday, November 12th, 2011

All this  last week I have been adjusting to my new role of housewife, super PTA mom and work-from-home  employee. I’ve been failing miserably! Thus no blogging this week. And before this blog post turns into a whine fest about how much I miss my normal job and boohoo I have to do dishes now, I’ll start talking about Laelia.  :) People  have been  asking about  the kid  to see if she’s doing okay after surgery. She’s doing so well I forget she had surgery last week. This was what she was like right after surgery.

Last  Saturday she was begging to do some weight bearing on her knees. Since physical therapy for the first week is Laelia-directed, I let her do it.  I was still a little  afraid I’d break her, but she was harder on herself than I would have been. With a little   help from Dora the Explorer, Lali logged  over an hour of weight bearing! She’s very independent and nothing will hold her back.

I cringed thinking of her sore hips, but she wanted to hear daddy’s story while holding her toes.

Laelia’s school: Last  Monday  I had a school meeting to determine if Laelia could go back to school. It was going to be with a nurse or health person of some kind. Anyway when we landed in San Diego and I  listened to my messages I had  missed two calls from the school saying that the health person was not available for another week! I thought, “Oh no! No school for a week and me with a new job on Monday!” Well thankfully Sunday night our SEEC (Special Education… something something) coordinator, Sue,  called and after I explained that the surgery went really well and was even technically “an outpatient procedure”  (Laelia didn’t stay at the hospital overnight… and she didn’t really need to stay very long at all) then  Sue suggested I email the school to tell them since I couldn’t call on a Sunday night.  So I emailed the director and hoped for the best. I worried about it all  that night despite trying not to think about it.  The next morning I showed up for school and once people saw Laelia and that she wasn’t in pain or in casts, and she didn’t need any medication of any kind, they let her stay at school that day! When the director said, “Okay sign her in,” my brain didn’t register the words and I was all, “Sign her in for what?”  :) Before  I had been told  she would  definitely  not be allowed  to go back to  school on Monday, but since she was fine they let her! They are saving our big meeting with the health person for after her bigger surgery this spring.

Laelia’s bus: Tuesday morning after the bus didn’t show up I fought with the  bus people  over the phone for 40 minutes. A weird thing happened–they  put me on hold at one point  but without actually putting me on hold. That meant I could hear them dealing with another parent who was very upset. I also could hear them dealing with her in the way they deal with me: with the tough talk, “I’m sorry ma’am, next time call at least two weeks ahead of time… uh huh… well then you should have stood in a more visible spot… uh huh… well it’s our procedure to…” and so forth. When they hung up with that parent I heard them say something like, “Well she’s right. We didn’t do our job and now her job is in jeopardy. I feel for her.” Then they got back on the phone with me!!! And at this point everyone just seemed more human, and I felt more confident in what to say. Long story short, a bus came that morning (very late) for my daughter, and after that her regular bus drivers (whom I adore) have showed up every morning and afternoon since!

Mommy works from home: The great thing about this shift in my job is that I’m able to attend every school meeting. Like Thursday night I went to a Community Advisory Committee  meeting for parents and staff who support  students with disabilities. It was boring as heck, but I ended up meeting people. In fact  I met someone who would be able to assist me when  we return back to school after Laelia’s next surgery!  My goal is to go to EVERY school meeting in any way related to my daughter’s needs or education from now on. It’s really confusing, but I’m learning stuff! Like there’s something called SELPA and it stands for “Special Education… El… Pa.”

One of the perks of working  from home is that I no longer panic when Laelia gets kicked out of school. Like for example  we were told  Thursday that there was no school on Friday for  Veteran’s Day. (We had missed the reminders since we were in Philly.) In my former life that would have meant some mad scrambling and most likely a day of Laelia and Chelsea bonding while Mommy went to work. This time it meant working from home while my daughter was home! That was exciting for all of three minutes. I was looking forward to this new dynamic of working while parenting. I now know this is impossible. Utterly, miserably impossible. I’m never trying it again. It doesn’t work. No good. Nope.

Next time I will parent during the day, and then start work at 3:00 a.m.  when work  can actually get done.

Laelia’s shots: So Laelia was driving me crazy-go-nuts on Friday since I was trying to work from home at my computer while answering her incessant calls every five seconds followed by the whining and crying of an only  child who is being  ignored. Laelia had a doctor’s visit that day, the school reminded me, because even though our lives are surrounded with doctors, they don’t count! Without a physical from a local doctor Laelia would not be allowed to return to school. In the waiting room a nice couple holding a newborn picked my brain about pediatricians while they offered my little angel a mini Hershey bar. She ate half before her name was called.  After her name was called (Lala or Layla or Layloni, they were close) evil Mommy took. her. candy.  *gasp* Mommy mentioned something  dastardly about “eating it later.” This led to screaming the likes of which has never before been heard. Her first two attempts at the eardrum-piercing scream were too breathy, but the third attempt nailed it. She  had people on the other side of the office poking their heads out from behind their paperwork to stare. Telling her that because she screamed she was now getting no more chocolate did not help matters. Threatening her with a time out got the response of, “You can’t give me a timeout, there’s no timeout place here.” Wow. Let’s just say it takes a lot to make me laugh hysterically in public, but I did. Then I said in a sing-song voice to my precious little daughter who I was not strangling (so, WINNING), I said,  “I hope you get lots and lots of shots today!”

Okay the truth was that I honestly did not know she was getting any shots that day. I never would have  said that if I had known she was getting shots that day.  I thought she was just in for a physical where they checked her tummy and stuff. But she was also in for four shots. Four.  And when the nurse told me this in response to my sing-song statement, well that sobered me up real quick. I immediately said, “Oh honey you are getting shots today, but I didn’t know! It’s not because you didn’t behave correctly. Shots are good for you and they make you healthy. They are not a punishment.”

Nothing I said mattered. For the next half hour everyone within the building heard the loud wales of, “Iiiiiiiiiiiii Doooooooooon’t Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike Shots! Nooooooooooooooooooooooo! I doooooooooooon’t waaaaaaaaaaaaaaant!!!!!!!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!” I told her that if I could I would take one for her. She got hopeful and said between sobs, “I wish you  could take all  my shots!” Stinker.

After the pokes they gave her a treasure box toy for being so… um, loud? She happily strolled out of the office cheerfully playing with her tiny plastic camera. I didn’t strangle her once.  Where’s my parenting trophy?

More parenting stuff: In other news, I’m starting to regret telling my daughter about the time I found a horse outside. He had escaped from the fair and was wandering the Carl’s Jr parking lot all done up like a faerie tale. It was probably the most exciting thing that ever happened to little kid me. I ran up to him and held his reins. I had no idea what to do next, but was grinning my head off. My sister had to tell my mom that I had a horse when she showed up. Her facial expression was priceless. It was a great memory. I told  Lali about my horse during our bedtime story. (A quick aside about our bedtime stories, in the beginning it was all  Bible stories and great works of literature. It didn’t take long to devolve into Disney princesses. Now I’ve started telling her  stories about my childhood and how her daddy and I met and married. I lost my mom when I was nineteen and I regret not knowing more about her precious memories. So now I make an effort to share mine.)

But now  I’m constantly hearing in my daughter’s overly excited voice, “The next time you see a horse outside get me!” Then her tone drops to a  serious one. “I want to ride him. I will ride on him. On the horse.”


Tonight I taught Laelia how to play Uno. We take out the wild cards for now, but leave in all the other ones. She beat me three out of three games! I only helped her the first game! She’s really good at this even though the box says ages 7 and up. Because of the arthrogryposis in her hands we hold something (in this case the Candyland game box) between us  so she can lay her cards out without having to hold them. And that way I can’t see her cards. Well not that I’d need to since every time she  has a turn she starts out by  announcing every card she has.  (It makes the game take ten billion years to finish. “Oh that’s a green seven. That means I need a green card or a  seven card.  This card in my pile is red and it’s a six. This card is blue and it’s a zero. This card…”) The discard pile and deck are to the right of the Candyland lid so we can both see them  and get to them. It works really well!  Well until she has to reach over to grab a card. Then I catch her starting to poke her little nose over the lid to see my cards.  She says, “I’m just counting them!” Or, “I’m just seeing if you have a four!” So, you know, it’s totally justified. :) Still I don’t know how she’s beating me. I’m not letting her win! Maybe I need to start enforcing the rule where you have to  say “Uno” when you have one card left. Instead she does a little dance and sings, “I have one card left! I have one card left! I’m gonna wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin. You’re gonna loooooooooooooooooose.”

I respectfully reply, “You mean ‘Uno’ dear.”



Hip Plate Removal Surgery

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

Sleeping Beauty is out of surgery!

(Hip plate removal surgery marks Laelia’s fifth surgery and she just turned four years old.)

Thank you for all your prayers and words of encouragement and well wishes and positive thoughts and everything else! This was our best surgery yet! And I’m sure all our friends and family contributed to that. My cousin, Josh, also put something on his music blog for Laelia. So sweet.

I don’t know where to start. Well I’ll just say I can’t believe we made it to the hospital by 6:30 a.m. after three hours of sleep. (Considering it was 3:30 a.m. in California.) We’ve looked better. Laelia was her usual chipper self so we gave her the stink eye a lot. :)

It’s a practice at Shriners Hospital for Children for the anesthesiologist to carry your child into the surgical room without her parents. In San Diego I would get into full scrubs and follow her in and help her get through the scary gas mask, etc. Here I just watch as they take off with her. So how do you get a perfect stranger to carry a child into surgery without the child freaking out?

You get them drunk. Really drunk.

There’s a medicine they give them orally that makes the kids so loopy and crazy that it provides a bit of dark comedy right before they leave. Laelia is the funniest drunkard ever. She’s goes from being scared to grinning her head off at everything. And her big head just bobs like her little neck has no power whatsoever over it’s course. Her cheeks get rosy and she starts talking nonsense too. It’s the best. Charley went to get out the video camera to record my daughter making a right fool of herself in my arms when the anesthesiologist came for her. Then it became a little heartbreaking.


Surgery went well. She was under for only about two hours. A bit of bone grew over the right plate so they had to chip it off before removing that plate. But my biggest fear was evaded: none of her bones broke! And that means this is Laelia’s first ever surgery where she did not go into casts afterwards!!!!!!!!!

She came out of her deep sleep a mess. She screamed her head off. I walked into the room with her crying and the apologetic nurse saying she hadn’t been “doing it long.” Who knows what that means. I went to her side and sang to her. She just cried loudly for a while. The nurses were asking where the pain was. Finally Laelia just shook her head. I asked her, “Are you in pain?” Laelia shook her head. “Are you just mad?” Laelia nodded and said between gasps, “Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad toooooooooooo!” Poor thing hates surgery.

Reassured her pain meds were working (remember our failed epidural last surgery?), I rocked her in a rocking chair and then we transported a calmer version of Laelia to the fifth floor for recovery. She cuddled and fretted and finally fell asleep. So did her daddy.

She woke up and drank a little. A good sign. She hated her IV and would cry out saying she was in pain, but when we asked where the pain was she said her hand. Well her pain should have been in her hips where the surgery was, so I can only assume she was trying this ploy to get us to remove the IV. She would have done anything to get that out and even attempted to do it herself! Good thing they tape it down on kids!

This surgery was just so much easier than others we’ve had. She only needed extra oxygen for about ten minutes. That’s a first. We usually have that thing going by her head for days. By the end of her stays I’m usually pretty light headed from leaning in close. :) She also had the usual sweaty head and low temp, but that was also minimal. She developed a cough, but it wasn’t bad enough like last time to require the breathing treatments. We even decided to put her in her own clothes and it made her look and feel even better!

I remember after her last surgery clutching the Pain Management brochure they gave us and reading it over and over, searching for ideas that would help. This time we were joking about her stricken look as she told us it wasn’t funny. “It’s not nice! I had surgery!” She pouted. But she was just doing so well we couldn’t help ourselves. :)

By dinner time Laelia had eaten a ton and wanted her Halloween candy. No nausea this time! She was being polite to the nurses but she was bored. So they let us go home! We were suppose to stay overnight, but we happily fled back to the Ronald McDonald House. Laelia was so happy to see her mound of Halloween candy again until I assured her that she couldn’t have any until it had been a full 24 hours after surgery. :) It had only been twelve hours!

Now I know surgery, and I’ve experienced it quite a few times, but this was nothing, this was EASY. They even cut into scars she already had so no new scars!

We visited Brysen, an AMCer who is also from California (although a good nine hour drive away from us), while we were there. He had a similar surgery to what Laelia had last year. He had lots of complications though, but seems to be doing better now. Still Laelia tried to say, “There there, it will be alright,” and make him feel better. He put up with her well. :) I have been loving his mom’s blog since I discovered it: (Scroll down to the bottom of the page if you want to turn off the music.)

We got back to the house and had some dinner. We ran into Jen and her family while we were there. Isabel (also an AMCer), Emma and Laelia colored pictures and Laelia even moved around in her wheelchair by herself. That caused some pain issues later, but I think the freedom was good for her. (I’m writing this post the next day and the girls are playing in the playground while I do.)

Laelia didn’t sleep much and she scared us with a low fever and some pain issues, but overall I think this went better than it could have. Her cough seems better this morning too. She just seems happier in her own bed with her own music and pillow.

Does this look like a kid who had surgery this morning???

The day before surgery.

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

Three airplanes later and Daddy finally joins us!

I got lost at the airport tonight because of the weird roads (PHILLY!!!), but we did find Daddy and then we went to meet our friends at the local diner.

Our buddies!

I had my first Philly cheese stake. Now I can say I’ve done it. :)

Sadie (also an AMC’er) and Laelia showed off their standing and walking skills at the diner.

Once we got home, and after my husband showered, we were finally feeling like a family again. That is until Charley showed me that he brought with him a ton of technology so I can blog! (Bye honey!) So I’ve been lost in my computer for the last couple of hours while my husband has been putting up with all of my daughter’s new discipline problems developed over the last nine days. :) Hehe.

But seriously we have missed Daddy. He is loved. He is appreciated.

Good news! We got a call this morning that Laelia had been bumped up to the first surgery of the day tomorrow! That’s a super great answer to prayer since my daughter is terrified of the hospital. I was so afraid that she would be a scared, shaking mess for the whole day, but now she’s first up!

We have to leave the RMDH at 6:15 a.m. to get to the hospital by 6:30. That will be difficult since we never got used to Philly time and have been sleeping in until 11:00 a.m. every morning and calling it 8:00. :)

In other good news, Laelia is not sick! No coughing, sniffling or sneezing! That’s a miracle since so many illnesses have been floating around.

Tomorrow is surgery! Finally! I see a light at the end of the tunnel!

Update: It’s now midnight. Laelia is not sleepy. Kill me now.

Updateness: Midnight has come and gone and that cheese stake is not sitting well. Maybe some Canadian candy will help…

Another update: It’s official. We’re not going to get much sleep tonight.

Halloween in the hospital!

Monday, October 31st, 2011

“I’m a bunny dressed up like a duck!”

“And my mom is Mama Bear!”

Mama Bear was the scariest thing I could think of, especially if you’re a medical professional. :) And since we were trick or treating in a hospital this year I figured I was pretty intimidating. :)

I have better pictures than this one but I love the shark grins on these two. :)

We ran into Colette before we left and she gave Laelia a present filled with goodies to help her not be so bored during her long Philly stay. But the best thing of all was the great candy from Canada.   I ate most of it. :)

Party at Shriners with cake!

It was so much fun for Laelia to go to each hospital floor and find the pictures of ghosts on the doors that indicated which ones were trick or treat doors. She would wheel in and yell, “Trick or Treat!” It was so cute. They loaded her up with candy. :) One of the perks of trick or treating in the hospital is that no one expects Laelia to be fully functioning. Also no one asks those questions that make us moms cringe: Can she grab the candy? Do her arms work? Why isn’t she walking? What happened to her? etc. Going to see a bunch of strangers for candy can lead to some interesting conversations, but the hospital staff were great! They even had her reach in to get her own candy and do it several times for practice! They were patient and talked with her and we had a great time! I kinda wish I could do Halloween this way every year and just isolate her from the world. But I’d be too afraid that would lead to becoming a hermit and maybe even homeschooling. ;) Hehe.

And her prince came!

The cute couple out for a walk. :)

We ended the day watching Charlotte’s Web like this. :)

Oh and she is doing better with her walker! She falls down a lot though. Check it out!


It’s all fun and games until someone gets surgery.

Sunday, October 30th, 2011

RMDH Play Area on the third floor.

Bed time story with Daddy long distance.

Watching rented movies all day long. Aka, chillaxin’.

The Walsh kids grew up on us! :)




Our first snowman! He’s pathetic because we didn’t have gloves and he was COLD!

Children’s Museum

Friends Allison and Ian!

Baby Megan also has AMC!


I spy with my little eye a bowling pin!

Crazy driver!

Falling asleep in my unpacked suitcase.


The Liberty Bell doesn’t ding!

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

City Hall!

I took Laelia to downtown today because I am crazy and like to get lost in cities whose roads make no sense and are rarely marked with road signs!

We actually saw guys putting   up a road sign. Great! Now do that TO EVERY ROAD!

I called my husband (who I had warned before hand that we were going exploring and when we’d probably be calling him saying we were lost) and he was in a meeting! He said he’d call back in ten minutes! Ten minutes! I almost ended up in New Jersey in those ten minutes!!! So I called Chelsea and she helped me find City Hall again down one-way roads and back alleys. She saved my life. Did I mention I get lost every time I drive in Philly? And that Philly sucks? Oh I have? Countless times? Okay well then. We did get to see Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell finally.

Laelia stopped to see the birdies.

The birdies were digging little holes in the ground.

Looking up.

“She’s saying hi.” (Um, Lali, that’s a boy.) “But she has a ponytail!”

“Guys I can’t see!”

Me: “Here’s the most important room in American history!” Laelia: “Okay.”

Aren’t we cute?

Here it is!

So Laelia charmed all the guards and park rangers by being so sweet and showing them all her card with a picture of the liberty bell and asking them if they knew what this was and then telling them she was going to see it! :) She talked about it non-stop. Then we finally see it and she says, “Okay…” (she’s all excited) “Go for it!”

Me: “Go for what?

Lali: “You ding it!”

Me: “Um, no we don’t.”

Lali: “You don’t ding it? Then what do you do with it?”

Me: “You look at it.”

Lali: “…..”

History is boring.

Rockin’ It in Philly

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

So I’m dumb. I thought my flight got in at 11:30, but really it was 8:30. I was reading the arrival time for coming home to California, not for Philly. It was still too late for the RMDH, but I was so surprised to get there early. Then I thought, “Oh right there’s a three hour time difference.” So many things wrong with that. Yeah I’m a real genius after a day of travel. So….

We got here fine. :) The flights were great despite the CONSTANT stream of chatter from Miss Lali. She refused to sleep and she promised me a nap that I never got. Because I’m not counting the 20 seconds of shut eye where the whole time Laelia told me how quiet she was being and then started in with the, “Mama I’m being quiet. Mama? MAMA! Can you hear me? I SAID I WAS BEING QUIET!!! MAAAAAAAMAAAAAAAAAA!!!” Then the lady in the next seat shook my arm to wake me up and said, “Your daughter wants you.” That woman does not have children apparently. Or a heart. :)

Laelia also refused to wear the ear buds in her ears because they didn’t feel good, but demanded to hear the cartoons. So we improvised. :)

We met with Doctor van Bosse and he looked her over. Once he found her. She was hiding when he walked in and it confused him for a second there. The look on his face was worth the fifteen minutes of my daughter asking me, “Is he here yet?” from under the table. :)

It looks like that one scene from the Wizard of Oz. ;)

Is he here yet?

Before the hiding fun we spent twenty solid minutes dancing together. Laelia knows how to step from side to side and spin while holding my hands. We would ask random medical professionals who passed by our door how to square dance but no one knew any steps. :)

Dr. van Bosse told us a bit about the surgery she’s having (called hip plate removal), he made noises over her KAFOs (which everyone calls “calf-ohs” here instead of Kay-Ae-Ef-Ohs like we do, although they assure me either way is fine) and he said to start thinking about her knee surgery either next spring or summer. We then casted Laelia’s legs to make a mold to upgrade her AFOs and make her some “walking” KAFOs too. The KAFOs she has now are for stretching.

The next day we got a phone call from the orthotist who said that he was surprised our doctor thought he could do three weeks worth of work in two weeks and we had two choices: to extend our trip or to fly back when they’re ready. Neither of those is a real option. We may have to go without.

The next surgery will be on her knees like I said and will involve tendon releases behind the knees and then inserting “eight” plates into the knees to help them grow straight over time. Sounds like she’ll be walking a lot more easily after it’s all said and done!

We also may get to borrow a walker from PT! We’ve NEVER used a walker before. We’ve used a gait trainer and a Kid Walk (which is really a gait trainer with wheels), but never just gone without a seat or help of some sort. Here are three of the five we tried out.

And here’s the first walker experience!

But Laelia liked this “walker” better. (Pssst: It’s a chair!) :)

Laelia did the parallel bars for Kim (the inspiration for the walker) and was a perfect angel through hip stretches. Stinker. (My secret weapon for hip stretches: sitting on her.) She’s taken a total of six steps on the parallel bars before today (and she was a big pill about those steps and demanded cookies for doing it, which I had to BAKE), but for Kim she was all walk walkity walk walk. Like I said, Stinker!

She also walked using the shopping cart in the RMDH Play Room. That’s not even weighted! I was so proud!


And she’s been nothing but spoiled ever since getting to the RMDH. They gave her a free toy from the toy bin. She chose a Sleeping Beauty Barbie. It says 4 and up on the side. She proudly said, “I’m four! I’m a big girl now and I have big toys!” This made me almost cry, “MY BABY IS ALL GROWN UP!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!!” Then she threw a big fit after she got it so I felt secure she still needed a mommy for many years to come. :)

Our first Barbie. See the joy. :)

She colored a giant coloring book for Miss Susan on the fourth floor at Shriners. Miss Susan even hung her art on the wall for all to see. We also have gotten lots of different OT-inspired toys like stickers and door hangers and coloring books!

We’ve only been here a few days, but already I’m ready to be done with Philadelphia. Laelia is being well distracted though and we have friends coming to visit so that’s good. I miss my husband. Laelia keeps asking for him. Only another week and a half! We can do this!